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A Troop is a group of Scouts who meet together on a regular basis. A Troop is composed of approximately four Patrols.

Troop Council

The Troop Council is composed of the Patrol Leaders of the Troop who meet regularly in the presence of the Scout Leader.

The Troop Council is responsible for the broad program planning, routine Troop management and for the policies and operations of the Troop which are within the capacity of the experience of Scouts. It is also responsible for the expenditure of Troop funds.

Training of Patrol Leaders is also partly carried out through the Troop Council.


As well as regular Troop meetings, Patrol meetings entirely on their own are encouraged and may take place at private homes and as expeditions. Troop Council meetings also occur monthly.

The Scout Troop is broken up into formal teams called "Patrols"