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Scout Leader FAQ

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FAQ have been categorised on this page to assist in finding them!


Q. Re use of A5 – Do I need to fill it in and get signatures every time we leave the Hall?

A. You do NOT need to use the A5 when your activity is within the "normal Scouting environment". This means (apart from Hall and Yard),  the immediate locality of the Scout Group - local Park, suburban streets within any main road "boundaries" - in which small scale activities take place - such as a treasure/scavenger hunt, mapping local features, a game in the Park. These activities would not need an A5, but obviously would need to meet safety standards of supervision, as do all our activities.

Q. Do I need to get the parents to sign a Y4 form every time we leave the Hall?

A.  A Y4 is NOT required when the youth members will be leaving the Scout Hall in Patrols, remaining in the local area (the normal Scouting environment), and will be shadowed or accompanied by leaders, or when a series of manned checkpoints are in place around the route they will be taking. E.g. all walking down to the local park to play some outdoor games, or in Patrols doing some supervised local mapping or photo-orienteering, or following an easily followed trail with supervised checkpoints.

Q. Is there any current labour-saving software for Award Scheme/badge recording?

A.  YES !  Please refer webpage at:



Q. How do I find Scout Section information and resources on MYSCOUT

A. There are a number of ways to find information in MYSCOUT. You can browse documents via the menu on the left hand side.

For example, if you want Scout program ideas, click Program Ideas, then click Scouts. This will then give you all the documents that have been tagged as being for Scout Program ideas.

If you are looking for something specific, use the right hand side search box to search for a document (eg Y4 form).

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Q. How can I get all these forms – signed, the A5 in particular – I can’t scan and email them like some people do.

A.  You do need to be a bit organised. I suggest you either get the GL to sign at your Group Council, or ask them to visit the troop, which they should do occasionally anyway. Regular Group Councils assist linking youth members between sections, and help leaders coordinate camps, equipment and are a good sharing occasion. If your Group doesn’t have them regularly, ask your GL, or if necessary have a word with the DC.

You can get the Program Adviser signature at your District Mindari, which again, ideally, should happen regularly. If neither of these works for you, go back to what we all used to do, post forms back and forth, and a reply-paid envelope speeds up the reply.



Q. Why are we wrapping Scouts in cotton wool…how can we put the challenge back? For instance, what camping and hiking can Scouts do without leaders present?

A. Safety Standards and Procedures stipulates that lightweight Patrol camping and/or hiking can be carried out without having a leader alongside.

However, there are conditions which you must check, and these most certainly include good preparation of the Patrol by the leader, in the manner of Cohen Cup or Branch Hike. A leader should visit, and there needs to be a backup plan for retrieval of the Patrol or individuals at any time – “adult assistance is within easy reach if required.”

SS&P says that the Scout Association encourages “youth members to camp without full-time adult supervision at the earliest time consistent with due regard for health and safety.”


Q. Can you please advise what award badges stay on the uniform.  eg once the scout has their pioneer badge and then starts the explorer level targets, do the pioneer level targets come off or do we just keep sewing everything on?

A.  I would think the most sensible thing to do is as the Explorer level Campcraft and Citizenship badges are awarded, they replace the red ones - so keep the red ones on till they need to be "upgraded." If a different elective Target is done at Explorer level, add it and keep the Pioneer one that is unique. The Explorer badge replaces the Pioneer one, as does the cord. There isn't room for all the Target badges, so keep on the highest level achieved in each topic.