Awarded to

Scoutcraft Badge


This is usually the first badge to be gained and awarded in the Scout Section. The training and testing is carried out jointly by the Patrol Leader and Scout Leader.

The aim of the Scoutcraft Badge is to:

  • Facilitate the young person's entry into the Scout Troop;

  • Reinforce or teach basic Scouting skills;

  • Provide early recognition; and

  • Encourage further participation in the Scout Award Scheme .

Its basic requirements are:

  • Learn and demonstrate different knots with your Patrol.

  • Describe the Australian flag and how to use it.

  • First Aid knowledge.

  • Know and demonstrate safety with camping tools.

  • Knowledge of Patrol system.

The Scoutcraft Badge is generally gained within four to six weeks of a new Scout joining the Troop or completed as a part of the linking process for a Cub Scout and is presented upon entry/re-affirmation/investiture to the Troop.