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Proficiency Badges

The Proficiency Badges are designed to encourage Scouts to develop individual hobbies, pursuits and interests, aimed at giving them new skills while developing their confidence and self-esteem. 

Scouts within a troop have varied interests, different talents and distinctive preferences. It is therefore unlikely that groups of Scouts within the Troop will have the desire to do the same proficiency badges. It is inappropriate to advise that all Proficiency badges are completed as a Patrol. When a Scout has decided on which Proficiency badge they wish to complete there must be a reasonable amount of commitment without being overly time demanding or expensive. The level of challenge must be within the skill level of the Scout and should be appropriate for a Scout Leader or examiner to assess.

The Proficiency Badge requires at least 10 hours of effort or participation (depending on the nature of the Proficiency) but must not exceed four months.

There are 31 different badges and the requirements are detailed in the Scout Record Book. Each badge lists, the Range of the Proficiency Badge, investigate, skill and activity.